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Hellboy slot game

Irrespective of the fact whether you are a fan of Hellboy comics or not, you will definitely like Hellboy slot machine. The casino game is a perfect offer for those appreciating great plots, awesome graphics and unique, fantastic effects, like surprises and twists. The atmosphere of the movie is created through the use of the original storyline and sound effects.

Rules and bonuses

The game has usual features and 5 reels and 20 paylines, but its bonus system differs from all the other slot games. Starting the game you may choose the bet for each payline. It is a very important and comfortable choice offered in the Hellboy slot, as it allows the minimum bet of just 1 coin, so you may not take big risks. Though, being a rather advanced player, you may pay 10 coins for every line at Hellboy slots.

The supermode that is presented in the slot is chosen randomly. This way any player can get an opportunity to win the bonus of 10 free spins. If any of the wild symbols appear during the extra spins, you get 10 more spins. There is another bonus you can get in Hellboy when you get three or more scatter symbols. Here a bonus round starts with its free spins and free credits.

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