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European Roulette

To start with it should be pointed that European roulette online free is a perfect game. It is a successful combination of the American and French variants. It is this game that is spread on the European continent and often called American, though it's only the field size and shape what it borrowed from the overseas version of the game.

The european roulette game wheel is divided into 37 pockets with one zero, just like in the French version. In clockwise direction the order of numbers beginning from zero.

European roulette layout is supplemented with the special zone for quick setting of series and neighboring numbers - the track. The rest of the oral orders are usually set in the field or marked with special chips.

The payments

European Roulette - Payments Rules For Real Money Mode

Complete/maximum: the bet for highrollers. Complete is accepted based on the maximum number of chips on each position in the field for a certain number. It means that having the maximum of $100 per number, $200 could be set on a split, a bet for two numbers. Street – three numbers – 300 dollars, corner - four numbers – 400 dollars, six line - six numbers – 600 dollars. In case of no complete maximum the bet is accepted as the corresponding number of chips for each position.

For instance: maximum complete of the number 17, the table maximum - $100.

Bets Table - European Roulette

As the quantity of bets on a number depends on its disposition on the game table, the quantity of chips for setting the complete is different for different positions, and the payout differs too.

Payouts for positions of chips in european roulette

If you found out how to play european roulette, it is time for real mode. It comprises the speed and vigor of the American version, and a big number of additional opportunities from the French variant. Nowadays it is the most popular roulette in both online or traditional casinos.

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